Your project
is our mission

Professional. On time. Fair.

Our work processes are partnership-driven, transparent and fair.
We use our turn-key project management system to manage your project from start to finish,
always on time and with exceptional expertise.

This means that from the time you place the order until you accept our work, we work sustainably with a focus on the results. We seek and find efficient solutions, embrace all challenges, yet still stay within the defined budget. This applies no matter whether you want a complete, ready-to-use turnkey system or need customized solutions in the mobile or digital phone field.

We do it for you – and take care of regulatory approval procedures as well as practical implementation. Our experts are trained in all processes. They are skilled artisans and work with the best technical equipment available.

We accompany your project through all planning and construction phases.

From start to finish and beyond. If you ever experience a disruption, we will help you right away – competently and efficiently. In a nutshell: put your project in our hands and we will do the rest.

The result: complete systems that are ready to use.
Delivered to you turnkey ready.

Neutral Host
Only by the best

Modern. Customized. Certified.

The importance of having a well-functioning in-house mobile phone connection is growing rapidly, and (almost) all investors now demand it from their constructors. However, this feature, which tremendously increases the value of properties when they are put up for sale or rent, is not easy to get. Why? The reason is that network operators only guarantee complete outdoor connection coverage, and the property owner has to organize indoor reception himself. So what’s the problem? Only specific systems by very specific providers may be installed. The solution? The Neutral Host, which acts as an interface between the property owner and network providers.

So why should you choose SXF-Plan? Because we have Vodafone Germany certification for the installation of in-house mobile phone systems. And we’re one of only three providers in Germany who do. How do you benefit? You get everything from a single source. We act as intermediaries between the network operators and you. We issue the required contracts, install the certified mobile phone system, start it up, and maintain it. In short: call us and we’ll take care of everything for you.

  • Customer acquisition
  • Feasibility studies for customers
    • Queries about network operator readiness, connectivity, rough planning for mobile phone systems, cost estimates, quotations, planning services
  • Implementation strategy
    • Selection of system technology - Commscope, Cobham, Kathrein, Huawei, JMA, etc. (all system technology suppliers approved by network operators)
    • iBWave, civil works, connections, site certification (Federal Network Agency), engineering
    • Coordination between network operators Vodafone, Telekom, Telefónica
  • Contract management
    • Permission contracts – network operator/customer
    • Supplementary agreements to permission contracts
    • Managed service agreements
  • Structural implementation
    • Civil works, antenna systems, system technology, connections
  • Start-ups/measurements (in accordance with network operator requirements)
  • Managed services for customer systems

Always available

Fast. Connected. Live.

No network? No problem! We work with you to make an active contribution to the rapidly-growing mobile world. Soccer finals at a stadium, the fan mile for the World Cup, or a big concert at a major venue – we make sure your customers are part of the live action. Anytime and anywhere. Our solutions allow millions of users to enjoy best network quality and perfect reception. We are always there for you -with the best solution for the best network – no matter where you need us.

  • Technical site inspections
  • Obtaining necessary expert opinions, technical and details planning
  • Draft and implementation plans, incl. statics calculation
  • Request management for approval: public agencies, Deutsche Bahn (German railway) third-party or public law permits
  • Compilation, submission and tracking of change in use applications
  • Nature conservation regulations (landscape conservation plans, compatibility studies: EU Habitats Directive and EU Bird Protection Directive)
  • Construction site management and supervision in compliance with building code or government agency requirements
  • Quality monitoring for existing systems
  • Quality assurance

Perfectly connected

Comprehensive coverage. Planned. Structured.

The importance of broadband structures for private households and commercial properties is growing all the time. The expansion of “Next Generation Access” (NGA) networks is currently being driven forward at a tremendous rate, the focus being on FTTx fiber optic technology. We are one of the leaders in this sector and install complete turnkey systems for our customers.

  • Site inspections
  • Cost budgeting and control
  • Draft and implementation plans, incl. necessary bill of quantities
  • Request management for third party or public law permits, railway premises, etc.
  • In-house cable installations (FTTC, FTTB, FTTH)
  • Implementation of planned cable routes (shaft work, civil engineering, jet drilling, etc.)
  • Drilling of roads, railways and water lines
  • Installation of fiber optic cabling, including intramural cabling hanging and splicing
  • Termination of FO cables on all standard termination units (R+M)
  • Measuring of installed FO cable routes
  • Compilation of documentation based on customer specifications

Railway construction

Fast. Safe. Professional.

Professional construction site clearing for the rehabilitation of a railway bridge, or fast elimination of damage around railway tracks – no problem for us. We make sure that reliable fiber optic connections are available for the Deutsche Bahn and Vodafone. Always. At any time. Our highly motivated project team works around the clock, whether handling bridge construction works or ensuring that damaged fiber connections are repaired quickly and smoothly.

  • Construction site clearing in conjunction with all types of construction work
  • Establishment of construction completion states
  • Coordination of change requests
  • Coordination of access regulations
  • Night time switching of operational fiber connections
  • Splicing and measuring services
  • Standard length replacements, e.g. after damage
  • Initial troubleshooting/service recovery measures
  • 24/7 on-call availability of Service Recovery Team
  • SLA-based response time up to 2 hours (regional restrictions apply)
  • Repair lengths and fiber optic mufflers always in stock
  • Special measuring methods used to locate errors (OTDR, PMD)
  • Targeted error elimination based on customer priorities (incl. switching and patching services)
  • Precise documentation of assignments based on instructions and in customer documentation

Managed services

Always. Everywhere. Any time.

Our “Managed Services” make sure you are always available. And if there’s an incident, we are there right away, exactly where you need us. On the spot, ready to deal competently with any emergency. If needed we can also monitor your equipment 24/7 and take action as soon as any irregularities are detected.

This means we are there whenever something goes off the tracks. How does this work? We are always prepared. We keep the necessary repair lengths and other materials at the ready at our depots, which are strategically located in close proximity to our customers. And thanks to our ticket system, you will always be up-to-date on how the work is progressing. This will save you time, money and stress.

  • Individual service level agreements
  • Routine maintenance work
  • Wireless Mobile systems actively observed by a monitoring system with alarm function
  • 24/7 troubleshooting/recovery service
  • Response times of up to 2 hours (regional restrictions apply)
  • Error analysis, remote and local troubleshooting
  • Special measuring methods used for error location (OTDR, PMD)
  • Error elimination based on customer priorities (incl. switching and patching services)
  • Ticket system for technical support
  • Precise documentation of assignments based on specifications and in customer documentation